Skyhouse Uptown – Charlotte, North Carolina Real Estate Photography

Remember this summer when I photographed Skyhouse Apartments in downtown Raleigh? No? That’s okay, because apparently one Skyhouse shoot deserved another – this time in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina on behalf of Grubb Properties.

Pretell, Sterling, what does Skyhouse Uptown look like? Well – it looks like the one in Raleigh, really…minus Matt McConnell’s awesome installastion art.

I did like the interior lobby in the Charlotte location better though,

not to mention staring out at Charlotte’s skyline remains more impressive than Raleigh’s.

Apartment layouts were identical, so I created similar compositions and lighting setups. By the way, that large picture was completely messing me up when I was focusing my lens.

That’s it, short and sweet – more blogs to come before year’s end!

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