One man’s trash

Last week I joined the Cary Photographic Artists on a shoot hosted by Wayne Dockery in Clayton, North Carolina. I’m rarely in Clayton and certainly haven’t explored it much but now I’m determined to do so more often. There are many rural treasures including this roadside heap of oxidized junk scattered into the trees. It reminded me of the hundreds of vehicles lodged into the woods of Leesville, South Carolina.

Not much to say here, we were there for about 2 1/2 hours. Not only do I rarely shoot for fun anymore, but I also rarely shoot with shallow depth of field or wide open, so I pretty much just did that the entire time. It was a nice little break. 🙂

GMC II (2011)

Ord Tough (2011)

Bouqeut (2011)

Getaway Car (2011)

Stuck (2011)

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