North Hills Captrust Tower

I’ve spent a good amount of time this year in North Hills in midtown Raleigh, North Carolina on the behalf of several clients. A few months ago I completed photography of the new Bank of America Tower  and this time returned to photograph my favorite building design in Raleigh, ever, the Captrust Building. Now I’ve been on the record for having a deep love affair for this amazing architectural masterpiece which was of course, designed by some firm out of Indianapolis – because who knows North Carolina better than some Indiana architects, am I right?

Look at this beauty across from the North Hills Mall from the main thoroughfare across Six Forks Road, with its looming mashed-together massing and Darth Vader grill masking the six-level parking deck.

If you can’t get enough of the concrete and perforated metal panels on the front of the building, check it out – you can get more of it in the back!  Twice the grill, twice the fun!  Angles and material transitions in the same plane for no apparent reason!

It’s only natural to assume that deft building massing and material selection such as this inspired my drive towards a Masters degree in architecture.  If I only had seen mid-rises like this, maybe I would’ve never transitioned into photography in the first place!

Enough of the outside wait until you take a look inside at the post-modern-transitional-contemporary interiors in the lobby area complete with mid-80s/90s polished concrete granite columns complimented with late 90s/early 2000s wall panels and lighting – all in this 2008-constructed building.

I’ve heaped enough praise onto this tower, there are just a few shots of the selected tenants spaces including that of Captrust Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar – which if you’re local and haven’t tried – is very much recommended.  That wasn’t sarcasm.

Alright that’s it, hope everyone reading this in the states had a great Thanksgiving and you’re wearing off your food coma.  Thanks for following!

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