North Hills Bank of America Tower in Midtown Raleigh

After shooting for KBS in Texas and Virginia, it was nice to photograph a building I live five minutes away from. Bank of America in Raleigh, formerly headquartered downtown at 421 Fayetteville relocated to North Hills in Midtown.  I’ve had several assignments in this spot, coordinating with the good folks at Kane Realty for all my recent shoots there.

The weather has been a mixed blessing: some days are washed out with thunderstorms and other days you’ve got great skies like this:

On the front facade facing Six Forks avenue, there is a rotating art window that’s coordinated with the (NCMA)

The “Overlook” is another local installation from renowned sculptor, Thomas Sayre sitting between the Bank of America Tower and Captrust Tower.

The rear entry of the building features Raleigh’s location of the Capital Grille restaurant.

I was tasked to photograph common areas such as the main lobby and conference rooms.

In addition a few tenants were selected as example interiors including G&S, Bank of America, and KPMG.

That’s it for now at North Hills.  Later this year I’ll return to photograph the Captrust Tower, which I’ve already been on record for having a love affair with its design.

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