Marriott Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn Hotel photography – Charlotte NC

Alright, let’s kick off 2017! December through January included working with MJM Group, a commercial real-estate company out of Durham, North Carolina. They are launching a new marketing campaign, including total revamp of collateral and photography, and hired me to photograph a couple projects. One was the new Marriott Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn near the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s one of those newfangled two-brands-in-one hotels you may have seen popping up everywhere.

Marriott Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn

Attempting to present each brand in the best light sometimes took actual difference in light, even when facing the same general direction.

Residence Inn Marriott

Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott

The Fairfield’s lobby area was pretty colorful and had some interesting mixed-light situations to deal with between LEDs, compact fluorescent, and daylight.

Fairfield Inn Hotel check in desk

Fairfield Inn computer lab

This is the sitting area in one of the lobby area.  Each shot took a little bit of re-staging to make it look proper for the photo.

Fairfield Inn hotel lobby

On many hotel websites you’ll see pictures of hotel rooms with the windows blown completely out.  The reason is lighting in hotel rooms are typically dim, with only task lighting here and there.  Therefore the hotel photographer will expose for the room, which overexposes the window – sometimes it works and often times it does not.  Photographic lighting allows you to shoot any room with a relatively even exposure or series of blended exposures.

Fairfield Inn hotel room photogrpahy

Photographic lighting also allows for vignettes such as this headboard image to pop instead of remaining flat.

Bed vignette

Initially I photographed the courtyard in low-light then realized it looked best when it was well after the blue hour. 

Marriott courtyard

It’s been a relatively busy start to the year, so there will be some stuff to talk about before all the leaves start springing. 🙂

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