Durham City Hall Exterior Renovation – RND Architects

Let’s talk about everybody’s favorite topic shall we? GOVERNMENT.

Just kidding…sorta.  We’re checking out Durham City Hall, my largest civic architectural photography assignment to date.

Downtown Durham, North Carolina is experiencing a second building Renaissance, the Tobacco District serving as catalyst to revitalizing the local urban fabric. In the last several months I’ve shot three projects in the heart of downtown – this aerial shows how the area has kept me employed. You can read more about 120 W. Parish in one of my older blogs entries.

(credit: Sasha Berghausen, Blok Architecture)

RND Architects was tasked with re-cladding the existing city hall exterior, which was originally designed by one of my architecture professors. It’s had a mixed reception over the years.  If you’d like to see the original facade, check out Emporis.  RND re-worked the entry-ways and implemented a metal cladding system.

It was a pretty complex photography assignment for an exteriors-only project in more ways than I prefer to mention, so…not much to say on this blog.  BUT YO CHECK IT OUT, IT’S METAL NOW!

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