North Carolina Architectural Photography – WakeMed Soccer Park

Yet another project this year for Integrated Design, this time of their addition to the WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina. The NCAA Women’s Soccer Cup finals were in town so they thought it’d be convenient to capture images while a major event was transpiring. It was my first time capturing such a venue as an architectural photographer and was quite a challenge to capture with manual-focus lenses, especially at night. The lights were overpowering even with a neutral-density filter cutting down the light. I’m thinking about tugging along a 14mm or 16-35 next time to see how it compares and may have another opportunity with a different sports venue this spring. As a side note, it was pretty neat passing by Brandi Chastain as she was entertaining fans. These are images from that evening panoramas of the soccer field and stands, the double-decker addition, and concessions building.

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