NCMA + Downtown

Got to scoop out the new addition to the North Carolina Museum of Art for the first time this weekend. I skipped the opening last weekend in order to avoid the crowds. Pretty neat addition, I’ll be checking it out more in the near future.

Yes. That is a ginormous metal tree in front of the addition.

Photos from one of the zen gardens with many official Rodin sculpture replicas.

Re-visited Gyre for the first time in a long time – broke out the tilt-shift lens. I love my 17mm TS-E, it provides some fantastic super-sharp images.

I did attempt a “miniature” with the tilted focal-plane, which I didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked – I figured out what I was doing wrong which I’ll address at the end of this thing.

Upon leaving the NCMOA I went downtown to catch sunset and early evening. These are cranes where the new Lightner Public Safety Center is being built.

I then went to Fayetteville Street to do some evening shots by the BB&T building.

Again, I attempted some tilt photography. Upon review, I know what I was doing in all of these pictures – in all of these photos, I tilted the photos horizontally, which caused the sharp part of the picture to be vertical. In order to do this properly, at least in these photos, I needed to rotate the lens so that I tilted vertically (which can be easily done with Canon tilt-shifts, not Nikon. ;) ) and the sharp portion of the image was horizontal. Now that I figured what I was doing wrong, I’m looking forward to getting back at it. By the way, did I mention how much I’m madly in love with this lens?

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