Anderson Flats Apartments – Raleigh Architectural Photography

Whew! Well, this is the busiest start of the year I’ve ever had, which now that I think about it I seem to claim every year, which I guess is a good thing to be able to annually claim. Got to work again with Cline Design Associates architects on Anderson Flats apartments located in midtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

Anderson Flats Apartments exterior

The lobby area to the lease office serves as entry to most of the apartment’s amenities.  You can see how the waiting area opens into the lounge and game room beyond.  Behind the slatted partition is a little sitting room/study area and computer lab.

Anderson Flats apartments lobby


Anderson Flats apartments lounge


Anderson Flats apartments game room

Moving from one space to the next, you kinda see how it all connects.

Anderson Flats apartments lounge

This is the coffee bar, the usual place where apartments throw small parties for their tenants.

Anderson Flats apartments coffee bar

At this point of my career, I’ve seen my share of designed fitness rooms but hadn’t seen built-up graphic recess like this before. 

Anderson Flats apartments game fitness room

And here’s the model apartment. 

There are ceramic deer antlers.

Anderson Flats apartments model apartment

And lastly is the pool with firepit, with apartments serving as background. 

Anderson Flats apartments swimming pool

More work coming very soon.

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