2010 NC State Fair: October 14-24, 2010

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On the first evening of the fair, I was to meet up with several people with one of my photography meetup groups to walk around the state fair. I got there a bit early, in time for sunset, and shot some photographs of Dorton Arena and the fairgrounds.

October 14, 2010 6:27pm (2010

The meetup was fun and the people were great. Desiree was using a handmade pinhole camera attachment with her digital camera and Sal was experimenting with video. I shot a bit but mostly had fun just taking in the sights.

Between trips out of town, I returned to the state fair on the 20th and 24th for my own personal shooting. I mostly concentrated on long-exposures and using my tilt-shift lens. Below are a couple of tilt-shift photos, with mixed degrees of success:

Swing (2010)

I’ve seen and shot so many long-exposures of ferris wheels that I wanted to do something different this time. I searched all over the fairgrounds until I spotted probably the least-used ferris wheel in the entire fair in the background against one of the slides (and its star props) in the foreground.

Hey Now You’re An All-Star (2010)

As you can tell, I found it quite addicting and couldn’t stop myself:

Dial 9 (2010)

That’s it, until next year!

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