Duke Gardens: October 9, 2010

Seriously, how behind am I? In early October I went with the Triangle Photography Club Meetup to Duke Gardens. I needed a break, stayed for about an hour. It was the first real opportunity I got to shoot my new 24-70mm L (which is now my longest range lens – and by the time you’re reading this…no longer new). Many of you who are familiar with the lens may be wondering how it’s possible for me to have gone so long without it. Well, with my subject matter I almost shoot exclusively wide angle – so sue me. However, after testing out the 24-70, I LOVE IT and have begun to lean on it heavily as a walkaround lens. I really l dig how flexible the lens is and the amount control and precision one can have with light entering the lens and depth of field. It’s performance at high ISO is phenomenal.

These are the shots I managed to capture. Keep in mind I’m not a “I love to shoot flowers and nature” type of guy, so of course I gravitated to a lot of hardscape.

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