2009 North Carolina State Fair, Part II – Lights, Camera, Action

By the time I had gone to the ’09 North Carolina State Fair for the first visit, the ’09 State Fair of Texas and traveled through much of Texas, my stomach had a good gastrointestinal workout with all sorts of fried fair food and all the Tex-Mex you can shake a Yam On A Stick at.

That’s why when I returned to Raleigh for the end of North Carolina’s fair, I was in prime shape to try my hand at some Italian sausage, fried macaroni & cheese, an apple dumpling and swath of vanilla ice cream (P.S. to any healthcare companies that happen to be reading my blog – I hate you). Needless to say, I had some pounds to work off after my 10-day orgy of American greasiness.

Tonight was the night to take some long-exposure evening shots at the fair! Fortunately, I was in the right place at the right time as the cloudy day gave way to a brilliant purple and red sunset.

As evening gave way towards night, I decided to see what the twirling Freak Out ride would look like in a long-exposure. In conclusion – it looks possessed.

I was also fortunate to arrive at at time when almost all of the rides in a certain part of the fairgrounds were moving simultaneously. That was good, because I wasn’t about to stick around for four or five hours until the next time that was going to happen!

Some more long-exposures from the fairgrounds:

I think the ride below was called “The Spider”. It made for some very interesting light-trails against the blur of the crowd in the foreground.

And the last scene from the NC State Fair is a quiet black and white shot of one of the 25 cent game booths. We’ll see you again next year!

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