Winter Wanderings

With spring arriving, these are the last winter wanderings I had through North & South Carolina as well as Virginia. For many personal reasons I didn’t get out as much as desired, but enough to scratch the photography itch.

I’m slowly expanding business into South Carolina and while in Columbia revisited the Adluh Flour Mill, sneaking in a shot before the rain.

Adluh (2015)

Several days later on my annual birthday shoot, a buddy and I scoped out an abandoned North Carolina school that’s been on my bucket list for quite some time. There was much more there than I anticipated and was a neat way to celebrate turning 40. 🙂

Wayside (2015)

As part of our trip we traveled down to Rockingham to photograph the remains of the Great Falls Mill – which is falling. Since I had last driven past it, half of it has fallen down into a crumbling pile of bricks, leading to different photos I would’ve taken otherwise.

Last Standing (2015)

During some of my Virginia wanderings, I passed this house with cute red porch swing. It was too messy inside for any decent photographs and besides, I was much into interested in the porch!

Days Go By (2015)

Finally, I had some time to spare while on assignment in Raleigh and greeted the first morning of Daylight saving by visiting a nearby farm to keep my eyes pryed open.

‘Til next time!

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