Oh yeah, I was in South Carolina for 48 hours…

When I observed it’s been two months since my blog I suddenly realized, Oh hey, I forgot about my short SC trip. Late August I photographed in Charleston on behalf of one of my commercial real-estate clients. September has been VERY busy on the professional front, so there will be a few more blogs as 2014 wraps up.

Early morning before completing my assignment, I made my traditional pilgrimage to Folly to catch sunrise…

…then returned later for sunset. The skies were very crisp that afternoon.

Sunset on Folly River (2014)

Having conducted my business in Charleston, I stopped off I-95 near the infamous South of the Border to visit an abandoned pitstop I’ve been meaning to check out for awhile. There’s a few wrecked hotels in the area, this particular one was gutted as I expected, but was a nice break on the way home.

The swimming pool apparently has its own minor ecosystem developing with both plant and animal life.  Slighhhhhhtly gross.

Where people abandon, nature occupies.

When People Disappear II (2014)

Still south of the North Carolina border I ventured upon an old farmhouse.  Clouds were amazing that day and it’s turned into my favorite black and white rural depiction of the year.

Homestead (2014)

That’s it for now, more updates to come this fall!

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