North Carolina Wedding Photography: Sarah & Nick

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the wedding and reception for Sarah and Nick at the Horace Williams House in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Thankfully, there was no inclement weather unlike the hilariously eventful wedding I shot a year earlier. It was bright, sunny day for a truly fun, light-hearted affair. Since there were no hurricane-force winds, there’s only intermittent commentary this time around. 🙂

I’ve been to a ton of weddings, but Sarah’s headdress has to be my favorite I’ve seen so far. Margo, the maid of honor, was a total riot and her expressive nature made her a great person to photograph. Matt, the best man and brother of the groom was the one that got me the gig – thanks dude. 🙂

There are two things that left a indelible impression during the wedding reception. First, I will never be able to listen DMX’s “Party Up” without thinking about this wedding. Second – as you can tell from the dancing, it bears striking resemblance to one of Dave Chapelle’s famous skits. Matt, centered in the below picture, seems to be in full acknowledgement.

Phew! Well that was my wedding of the year. Lots of laughs and a ton of smiles. Say g’bye Sarah & Nick – congrats!

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