September 29-30, 2010: WichiWichiWICHITA

I’ve never been to Kansas. My stereotypical impression was that it was flat and there was nothing there. I flew into Wichita with Chad, who I think to liven up the tundra went Beastie Boys all up in Kansas, imitating the sound of turntables before we even got off the ground. “Wichi Wichi Wichi WICHITA!” to which I’d respond, “Whachoosayin’ WICHITA!”

What can I say…geeks we are. Taking off from RDU there was a cool Milwaukee Brewer themed jet.

Upon landing in Kansas, we got pretty much we expcected. Which was a whole lotta nothing.

One of the cool buildings along the Wichita waterfront (yes – there is water) is Exploration Place. I went there in afternoon / early evening to catch some photos before the sun set.

Wichita is chock full of hidden goodies, I wish I was able to camp out there for several days longer to see what was there, it seemed by the time I became halfway familiar with the area, I started discovering the neatest stuff. The city is quite large – larger than Raleigh’s downtown and the city possesses a huge sense of its own architectural history. Many of the older buildings are intact, some simply waiting to be reoccupied.

And finally is the arena in Wichita that has most of Wichita’s sports and concerts.

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