Three Midwest cities

Assignments took me into the midwest this summer, but I’m not here to talk about that – instead I’ll further share things that interested me in between working.   Cities I’ll focus on are Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville.  Ready?


I had only previously visited Indianapolis once and wasn’t too impressed – I won’t lie, I wasn’t blown away the second time around either.  Ironically I got away my favorite photo of the entire trip in downtown on the circle.  The following two photographs were captured with my Fuji 35mm camera, which I absolutely adore bringing with me.

Aggregate (2016)

Wedge (2016)



Cincy is one of those places I need a good couple of weeks to get a grasp of. There are a lot of new buildings, a ton of urban decay, and everything in between.  This is a view of Cincinnati from across the Ohio River on the Kentucky side.

This is what I saw a lot cruising through the city.

I stumbled across the shut down Lafayette Bloom School, and urban school with neoclassical cues.

Did I mention I love my 35mm Fuji?  Such great detail and color handheld.

The University of Cincinnati campus is spectacular.  It’s an architectural melting pot with a history of big-name designed building constructed over the years.  It was neat just to see though I didn’t necessarily photograph it all.  This is part of the Campus Recreational Center – that long angled bar above?  Those are dorms.  That’s right – dorms.

I think this was Turner Hall.


Louisville was the only city I hadn’t really been to before, so I was stoked to finally visit.  Checked out the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Muhammad Ali Center</a>  and <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Louisville Slugger Museum</a> while downtown, not to mention got off a few photos.

The Speed of Louisville (2016)

The Ohio (2016)

Most of downtown is pretty walkable, so it was nice sauntering around with my 35mm.

Crossover (2016)

On the way back to North Carolina I found this abandoned house in West Virginia – because you know I had to find something.

That’s going to be it for fun blogs for awhile, I gotta pay some bills y’all.

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