This and That

Due to my faulty memory, I’m posting two blogs in one day with another sample of projects I’ve been working on:

Over the past couple of years, university and housing has become a major staple of my work. Little sent me to University of North Carolina-Greensboro to photograph the new Spartan Village student residences.  The major challenge was all of the above-ground telephone poles, stop lights and power lines; they were impossible to avoid so I framed images that to maintain visual sense to the photography. 

Cline Design did some interiors work at the Element Barclay Apartments in Wilmington, North Carolina including the club house and model apartment.

Sticking to apartments (are we noticing a trend?) I captured the Brannan, an infill project in downtown Durham for JDavis Architects.

The old GSK campus in Research Triangle Park is being slowly transformed by a few different designers. Parmer brought me on to capture photographs to help attract future tenants to their redesigned and expanded office and laboratory spaces.

I had a lot of fun shooting this staircase.

Lastly, I was again in Greensboro, NC, on behalf of Poblocki Sign Company at the Revolution Mill. I’ve previously worked with them in Houston and it was nice being a little closer to home. Typically I provide images such as this,

However I rarely get to shoot for fun anymore, so as I was wrapping up took a couple of blue-light photos of the renovated complex.  

As I scooted closer in, there was a nice young woman roller skating in one of the plazas, and she graciously offered to provide a scale figure for the photograph below.  Was a fun way to end that little trip.

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