Abandoned North Carolina – In and Out

Made a last second impulse trip to another North Carolina mill town. Didn’t as much time on my hands as I hoped for, so I ducked into two abandoned locations and documented some stuff in between…including this vehicle. Turns out framing this photo was my favorite image of the entire trip. I really enjoy shooting pictures that invoke a sense of timelessness.

Give Me Shelter (2013)

But onto the mill I didn’t shoot here as much as I thought I would. After exploring many of these locations over the last decade you really start picking and choosing specific captures in an effort to avoid repetition.

Ruin (2013)

As it turns out, walking between locations was just as much fun as shooting at the abandoned buildings themselves.

Broken View (2013)

I’m not sure what this last building was, some sort of manufacturing/shipment facility. There’s a dilapidated warehouse with offices that was relatively bare, but I found the lighting to be striking. The combination of collapsing ductwork and deep shadows was too much to resist.

When People Disappear (2013)

Why use HDR to dilute wonderful lighting like this?

Okay, that’s it for a little bit, see you in several weeks. 🙂

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