Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery – Nashville Architectural Photography

Had the pleasure of returning to Nashville and photographing Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery in downtown for Anecdote Architectural Experiences. Located near Marathon Village, the 50,000 s.f. warehouse building includes a bar, restaurant, distillery, and entertainment spaces.

Check out that fresh coat of paint!  Passersby can see through the storefront windows to the distillery beyond the restaurant.

The spacious interior features an open kitchen concept that takes advantage of natural lighting from openings above and street level windows.  Love the serial tear-drop light installation it certainly fits with the natural planters and rustic material palette.

Looking in the other direction peers directly into the distillery, which is bordered on the outside by a lengthy serving bar.

The retail portion of the distillery is segmented off by a circular steel and wire gate that features Green Brier’s logo.  I inadvertently caught my assistant closing the gate doors while finalizing the setup for this shot and ran with it for the finals.

Upon entering the merchandise shop, a display of various whiskeys fill shelves to your left and right opening up to the display floor beyond.

The distillery tour begins in the merchandise area with a museum exhibit with historic and electronic displays.  I really like the branded logo fabric that forms a dividing wall between the exhibit and rest of the retail.

The tour continues into a testing room, which gives a visual nod tying together past and present.

The production tour path slips behind the serving bar window where visitors can see the fermentation vats firsthand which signage describing the ingredients and process.

But that’s not all!  The building also features a large entertainment space that features its own bar, stage and various types of seating.

The Cooper’s Club offers a more intimate setting in a smaller space.  I had fun staging and adding the photographic lighting for this shot.

I thoroughly enjoyed this venue and thank Anecdote for bring me on.  That’s my first shoot I’m sharing out of the Music City this year, I’ll certainly blog further near from this metro near year’s end!

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