Collin College Welcome Center – Texas Architectural Photography

Last fall I ventured up to North Texas to photograph the new Collin College Welcome Center in Mckinney on behalf of PBK.

It was a shoot that mostly focused on illustrating the exterior, a blend of traditional and contemporary architectural language and interior lobby space.  Repetition of arches form window openings that transverse two floors, as well as the front entrance with clock tower.

One-third of the building footprint includes a two-story lobby with grand staircase and bridge connected the welcome center’s two wings.

The bridge neatly suspends from top of building allowing clear space underneath.

The multipurpose room continues repetition inside with bays of wood paneling and L shaped wall and ceiling furring.

Outside, the rear of the welcome center faces the college’s campus student quad.

Where the fenestration appear solid form at day, the windows gain transparency at night where passersby can see into the lobby area, see the grand stairs and installed dials above.

Combined with the clock tower, the lighting makes quite a statement from the outside.

That wraps up my year in 2023!  Lots of neat projects, new locations and new clients.

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