Levine’s Children Specialty Center – Charlotte Interior Architectural Photography

This summer in Charlotte, NC, I worked to photograph at Levine’s Children Specialty Center to photograph interior architecture of a patient floor within the hospital for Little.   Little hired a model agency to help populate photographs with people, along with staff from their local office. It was a really quick shoot in which we jammed in capturing many images in only a few hours time.

The entry lobby features a circular reception desk and waiting area  complimentary floor patterns and graphics.

There were many recessed cubbies at a scale for children to stand, sit, and interact.

Below is a rendering that we patterned one of the shots after.

As you can tell, it’s roughly similar.  I chose a frame slightly lower and to the left, which sacrificed some of the door graphics in favor of spatial relationhips.

Architectural photography for healthcare is often a blend of design features, presenting the healthcare, and in this case warming up the imagery with people in a complimentary manner.

Much of the task involved highlighting graphics and built-visuals in a manner that’s welcoming.  I always try to create my photographs as if you’re an invisible person standing in the space along with everyone else.

It’s not often I’m working with children and my assistant was amazing in helping me directing the young models within the environment.

This is one of the nurse stations, again tied with built-in visuals, lighting, wall and directional floor graphics.

The infusion room has playful wall city graphics  with two televisions and game controls.

Again, graphics throughout the floor was a good combination balancing between urban and sunny green space.

Lastly, away from the public and exam room areas are the conference rooms, with individual entries to each meeting space.

I’m just going to assume that wall graphic is Charlotte…

With the incredible expansion of healthcare, large medical groups, and plethora of mergers and acquisitions within the industry, capturing these types of spaces has become bread-and-butter staple in my photography over the past decade and I fully expect that trend to continue into the far future.

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