Charleston, SC Architectural Photography – Chamberlain Residence

Recently completed a major trip through South Carolina and Georgia, both for work and pleasure.

My big stop was in Charleston, South Carolina where I photographed the Chamberlain Residence, conveniently located near downtown. This was a major house and garage addition designed and completed by my old boss Bennett Strahan and former colleague Phillip Jefferson when we were with Strahan Associates. Now that Bennett is with Consensus West Incorporated and Phillips is doing his own thing, they’re now both my clients.

How you like them apples?

I’d describe the project in detail, but that’s not my job anymore, I’m just the dumb photog. ;) So without further ado…

Finally, wanted to thank Peggy and Olin for being such gracious, wonderful hosts while I was in town, they made it incredibly enjoyble and I had fun spending time with both. I’ll get to some of the fun I had in Charleston in a later blog. :)

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