Architectural Photography – In All Confidence

WOOHOO, first blog of 2016! About time, right? It’s been a relatively busy winter season so what better way to get started than to talk about a project I really can’t talk about?

That’s correct, the location and who owns it is CONFIDENTIAL (dun dun DUN). When asked if I could keep a secret, I enthusiastically replied in the affirmative as I am PROFESSIONAL who carefully handles his responsibilities with the utmost seriousness.  I think I can tell you that my client, Brasfield & Gorrie out of Alabama, were the general contractors but am afraid even sharing that may result in me whisked away with burlap sack over my head.

Okay, lessee…what else can’t I share…I absolutely cannot tell you Matt McConnell designed this metal installation in the elevator lobby.  Off limits.

That is not a ping-pong table nor is that foosball.  That room on the left-hand side?  No X-Box to play in there, no sir.

I cannot say for certain that ESPN televised #5 Texas A&M vs. Iowa State in NCAA basketball on the supposed flat screen or if I cheered when they won 72-62.  No way was that awesome having that in the background while I photographed.  Those chairs are not green, it’s nowhere near sunset, and there’s no convincing otherwise.

You may or may not be able to take a break here while relaxing, eating, or doing whatever one might hypothetically do on these long stretches of tables.

I certainly cannot tell you there is an exercise track that wraps the entire floor where people can walk or jog while others place their rumps on supposed high chairs.  Of course, one could always jet around on one of those finicky combustible hoverboards.  The fire marshal would like that.

This neat little nook shelters a pre-conference area for visitors to sip come coffee, chill out, watch TV…but ACK – I’ve said too much already.  Let’s move on –

I’m restricted from confirming or denying meetings happen here,

…or here.  What I can say is senior bingo night must be major in this joint.

Heck, it’s not even clear if anyone could focus on work up (or down?) here while flaming hoverboards whizz past.  Maybe I shouldn’t have edited out those pesky fire alarms and extinguishers.

Finally, just because this glass-enveloped room houses exercise equipment and weights is no reason to assume this is a fitness facility.  In fact, let’s just call it a taco stand.  There.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this top-secret summary of recent architectural photography, located right smack in the heart of

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