North Carolina Architectural Photography – UNC Marsico Hall

Marsico Hall is one of the latest buildings to be completed on University of North Carolina’s campus in Chapel Hill. It’s a $260M research facility dedicated to advancing knowledge of cancer and other complex diseases.  Departments include lung health, microbiology and immunology, cancer research, and nanotechnology.

This is the main view along Mason Farm Road.  It’s easily one of the largest buildings on UNC’s campus.

Visitors are greeted by a long low-slung entry canopy that sits on a concrete deck.

Shading devices form a matrix with the windows that canvases the entire south facade.


The rear of the building is mostly metal panel, the bridge in the foreground leads to the parking deck and the other in the background connects to another building.

This is the energy plant that I assume supplies power to the entire building.  I’m really not sure, they just had me shoot the thing…

Onto the interiors, which were a delight to photograph.  These two images are from the entry lobby.

This is one of the classroom spaces.

Here’s some…sciency stuff…in…the…radiochemistry lab – whatever that is.  Look, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know half of what I was photographing at times.

Ah ha!  I know what this is!  The upper five floors are filled with continuous lab spaces. Yeah!  Photographers are smart!

Each lab floor has an individual break room from which you can see UNC Hospital.

Alright, that’s it for University of North Carolina’s new Marsico hall.  Catch you next blog. 🙂


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