Winston-Salem shoot with Amy, March 28, 2009

There is only subject matter that I face with more trepidation than shooting people.

…And that is flowers – I mean, really – I couldn’t possibly make them interesting with a gun to my head. So…I’m not natural at photographing people and this being the first attempt at shooting a person in almost a year I was very nervous. Fortunately I was photographing Amy, who is someone I’m familiar with, really like, and is an absolute sweetheart; it was the third time we’ve worked together, the last time I saw her was a couple of years ago. Thanks to Amy for enduring the cold rainy day and my inexperience! Shout outs to her husband, Dave for keeping Amy warm, showing me some cool places, not to mention cracking us up with his antics. It was a lot of fun!

I’m quite certain I’ll never make a living out of shooting people as subjects, but doing so challenges me in doing things I don’t have a natural knack for in my continued development as a wannabe photographer.

But uh…yeah…flowers are definitely out.

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