Today's lesson: There's always time to slow down.

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I’m slammed. Way slammed. Work, exams, photography, even planning to just get a break…but apparently not slammed enough to take a few minutes to write this note. So…I have this relatively large client. It’s been pretty much my baby from day one, and I’ve been preparing two public presentations, the first of which I just had this evening in front of city council.

So last week I’m going back and forth with my client in regards to our Powerpoint presentation for that meeting. I finished with my part of the powerpoint and burned a CD to hand-deliver to my client to complete because the FTP systems a bit convuluted. It’s on my way to work anyways, so it’ll save time all the way around, right? I carefully placed the burned CD in a plastic case and tossed it in my attache case.

The next morning I leave a bit early and arrive at my client’s office as it’s opening. I dig the CD case in my attache case and deliver the CD to the administrative assistant. My client isn’t in the office yet.

Twenty minutes later, I’m in my office. I unshoulder my attache case, look down on my desk, and there is my carefully labeled CD with the powerpoint presentation staring right back at me.

It’s probably the first time in my life I actually turned pale.

In the span of about three seconds, several million thoughts passed through my head, none of them good. Clearly, I didn’t give my cilent the powerpoint presentation or toss it in my attache case. In the three-second barage of ‘inside-voice’ expletives, I realized that instead of handing my client the CD with the powerpoint presentation, I instead gave him 30 photographs of one of my model shoots. I was intending to send -that- CD via the postal service, but now it was in the hand of one of the biggest clients in our architecture firm. My nostrils could sense the faint scent of my fledgling career going up in flames. And for anyone in the market for a Toyota Corolla, I’d advise to you that it can do mid-90s on the interstate with great ease – barely any engine noise.

The client never saw it and the administrative assistant had a very good chuckle, though she maintains she didn’t see the contents of the CD. In any event, I was honest about what was on it. Good thing I have a very good reputation and rarely do anything risque or in total poor taste. Some of my co-workers had a great chuckle over that one.

But there’s an important lesson here. Don’t ever think you have time to double-check or slow down for a second. Just in case. Otherwise you’ll be flying down I-540, perfectly willing to risk a televised multi-vehicle police chase.