Stutts Residence – architectural interior photography

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Introducing another architectural interior renovation completed by Sophie Piesse, in Carrboro, North Carolina. Let’s get started!

This little nook tucked into the new staircase allows both display space and a place to leave shoes and other items.

Stutts staircase

I love this kitchen.  As you may tell from the windows, spring is in the air in North Carolina.
Stutts kitchen design renovation

Neat cabinet detailing, right?

Stutts kitchen cabinet design detail></p>
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The second floor landing can be as seen beyond the double doors leading from the children’s game room.

Stutts staircase

This intermediate floor also has a clean, functional laundry room.

Stutts laundry room

The kids’ bedrooms were some of the best I’ve personally seen in a very long time.  Sophie really knows how to make use of about every little space.  In the child’s bedroom with the world map wallpaper, you may notice a small door at the wall’s bottom, adjacent to the desk.  This is a little pass-thru door between bedrooms, so the kids can crawl between the rooms.

Stutts child bedroom with world map wallpaper

Stutts child's bedroom with built in loft bed

The two boys share this bathroom.

Stutts children's bathroom

The third-floor landing contains a library and sitting area.

Lucasse Baker staircase

The master bedroom basks all day from the glow provided from the triple skylights.

Lucasse Baker staircase

And finally, this is the master bath.

Lucasse Baker staircase