2013 in review – and it’s not over yet.

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What a wonderful 2013 – though I didn’t travel to as many locations nor have as much time, I got to see so much more before me. You know you’ve taken too many photos when featuring your 60 favorite images of the year and who knows what I’ll luck into during the last week! To all of my supporters, friends and loved ones, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your encouragement. To my mentors, thank you for wisdom and patience as I continue to find my way. To my peers, it’s been a total blast I hope we shoot together more often. To my clients, thanks for trusting me with your kickass projects and paying my rent. ONTO 2014!

In North Carolina
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Outside North Carolina
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blog148_45 blog148_46 blog148_47 blog148_48
On the job
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blog148_54 blog148_56 blog148_57 blog148_59
blog148_61 blog148_62 blog148_63 blog148_60

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