2013 in review – and it’s not over yet.

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What a wonderful 2013 – though I didn’t travel to as many locations nor have as much time, I got to see so much more before me. You know you’ve taken too many photos when featuring your 60 favorite images … Read More

Summer 2012 – The In Between

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Woohoo, my 101st blog post! When I began this blog I was purely an amateur fine art photographer who practiced architecture as my full-time job. Four years later I’m a professional photographer who does a bit of architecture on the side. The bittersweet part of becoming professional is that I rarely get to shoot all the things I purely shoot for fun. So on the occasion I have that chance, I certainly savor the moment. It’s been a busy summer with many jobs and a lot of travel on the behalf of my clients. These are a few photos I’ve managed to capture in between.